What is depression, myths and 5 major symptoms.
5 major symptoms and myths of depression

What is depression, myths and 5 major symptoms.

Why depression ?

Statics shows that more than 264 million people are suffering from mental depression and do you believe if I say that behind half of the suicide attempts, there is a secret story of depression. According to scholars majority of men and some women who have ever been diagnosed with depression end their life by suicide. Most interesting as same as the dangerous fact about this illness is that most people can’t find this in an early stage. And that makes HealthyTub write on the 5 major things on this silent killer.

This is a document compiled after discussing with 500+ women & men who are going through, went through, cured, and beaten the beast inside their selves. According to a conclusion of that study, below describes, signs, myths on depression and must do treatments are narrated with detailed descriptions in a simple way for your easy reference.

Latest stats shows that 1 out of 25 is suffering with depression

Do you have depression?

Maybe that is why you are here. And if so, congratulations you have turned yourself to the path of “healing”. On the other hand, you may be here on behalf of your loved one. And that is awesome! Now you came to the right place to know things simply but meaningfully to diagnose your loved one by yourself and turn them towards the path of healing.

The latest stats show that 1 out of 25 is suffering from depression (Level of severity may differ).

These are the 5 major signs/symptoms of depression

1. Feeling sad.

Unreasonably you may be out of the mood for anything.

2. Fatigue and loss of energy.

Always feel like “it’s better to spend all day in bed” then sleep too much or maybe you will feel that you didn’t sleep well. In parallel with this, you will feel there’s “no need to fresh with a shower”. Hey, if you are having these above two symptoms, please reveal these with someone you trust.

3. Lack of interest in anything you felt joy or pleasure

You will feel that you need to be alone for some time and then will stay alone for the whole day or days along. A lot of participants explained this as loss of desires and ‘hold your breath’, most put the tick to loss of sexual desires. Please do not keep pausing or pretending these feelings. Just go for treatment as soon as possible as this feeling will be there where it seeded throughout your whole lifetime, you know what I’m saying.
Further, you will sometimes you (or your closest people) will notice changes in appetite. HealthTub describes this as extreme appetite fluctuations. Because some will lose their appetite at all and will go through a drastic weight loss while some will eat heaps of food (most said that they ate lots of sweets and candy) then ended up as fit to fat!

4. You will think too much.

Most depressed people even don’t know what they thought of but they always imagine disastrous things happen to them or to their families. In parallel to this, it is usual to sign that you feel that you are not able to concentrate on certain things, for example you will never want to think or set up future life goals, and if someone questions you, you will feel angry or sad and sometimes question back as “why do I? I don’t think that there is a purpose of this life I’m having”. If you are in this stage, please share the way you feel, share that with someone you trust or someone loves you. Because you are still valuable and still you can beat the beast and win the game!

5. Feeling worthless and feeling suicide/death.

My dear if you start this article by reading this, first of all, you should meet your doctor as soon as possible. I maybe you or you may be reading this on behalf of your loved one, take him/her to a doctor. Do not leave him/her alone until that and for a certain time period after that.

If you are reading this generally after the other symptoms, please keep reading. Why the feeling of suicide happens at last? Have you ever thought of that? Whoever he or she now came through the hell of a bad experience. Loneliness, untidy, dark, negative thoughts, social distances, (most of the participant of this study spent more time inside the enclosed room with millions of negative thoughts and swinging moods). That may cause them to be disgust and dump by the loved ones. They may spend days and nights with all the above feelings. They may fire from their jobs or ignore by schools/universities. So what could else a mentally depressed person will able to think other than end up the already ruined life. Because they don’t see anything else, anything positive, or the value of life.

It is our responsibility to show them the silver ray among the darkest clouds. Better and the only thing that can be done is to take the person to an experienced counselor, psychologist, or at least to your family doctor as soon as possible.

Counselors, Doctors, and psychologists will recommend treatments after a thorough diagnosis.

Myths on mental depression


This is a rare topic though, now you are here, and hope this will be a great help for all.

1. Depression is something that happens only for mentally weak people.

No, your highness, to be a victim there is no stratification. In other words, anyone can be a ‘prey’ for this beast of depression. So, be aware!

2. “No I’m not depressed. I’m lazy”.

Nope, this is fatigue. Or in your words, the laziness is a symptom of an illness and not something you or someone do intentionally (otherwise he/she cunningly planned not to do something for a long time).

3. None can cure this by punishing or giving penalties.

This is basically for parents and school teachers, if you can’t handle some of the below-mentioned signs, behaviors, or habits of your child/student, suspect that he/she may be suffering from depression. For instance, speak with them gently or think of a strategy to find-out.
Otherwise, punishments and penalties only accelerate their depression.

4. Depression is never a result of any black magic and it can’t be cured using black magic.

This is not proved scientifically. Anyway, grow up men you are living in this scientifically as same as the technologically developed modern world. Doctors, scientists, and even priests in all religions believe this. Just consult a professional or even someone who can understand what you are talking about.

5. This can’t be cured. This is a hell of a lifetime prison.

What a lie as doctors always keep saying that any mental illness can be cured if you take the treatments correctly on time. Time periods may differ but, believe me, anybody can be cured with good medical strategies.

6. None find medicine for depression.

Oh! why do we waste time to elaborate this further? Just scroll down, you will see/read the last topic by your self. The below topic elaborates 3 major treatments and an extra prevention method!

What are major treatment types we have?

1. Counseling and Psychotherapy

These are the basic methods of treating all. Most people call this “talk-therapy”. A canceller will do this if you are one of feeling 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the above numbers. Number 5 will be hard to overcome with this method. This is all about sharing the feelings, emotions, history, the way you were, long chats, etc. This is nothing to be shy or play hide and seek. If you reveal the truth and everything that you have to say, what you are hiding inside, yes; “you will become who you were”. One step will make you the best you that ever be! You will be going through cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) and inter personal therapy (IPT) as same as problem-solving therapies (PST). If you really need to go deep about those therapies check https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl for more deep details.

2. Antidepressant medication

These are the drugs used for treatments. Typically these drugs work on mono-amines which responsible for human mood regulation. Those mono-amines work as primary neurotransmitters as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine.

3. Electroconvulsive treatment

Please check more information regarding this, https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/electroconvulsive-therapy/about/pac-20393894 using this link. That will provide a thorough description of that.

Last but not least, we all know that “prevention is better than cure!”

In Asian countries people tame and destroy the daemon of “depression” or simply the “beast” within them with a great remedy. That is Meditation. There are so many ways and methods of meditation. In Hinduism and Buddhism, this is the major tool to tame the mind and build the great personality you never thought you are!

Try them. That will almost cure 90% of your illnesses (both physical and mental). There are so many e-resources all over the web. So why don’t you try a bit? We will talk about them in deep in further articles!

If you know treatment types other than above, please don’t forget to comment below.

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